Sherrin Elliott, owner of Sherrin’s Threads.

Yes! I am the one and only person (at present time) that does all the sewing, assembling, creating and shipping of all the products, right here in Roseville, California.

On average, I sew up about 500, or more, straps per month; that’s at least 6000 per year!

I started Sherrin’s Threads when I saw the need for Hawaiian print ukulele straps to go with the sweet little ukuleles that lined the walls of my husband’s music store. In all honesty, I thought I would just be selling to his store and maybe online, a little. This tiny business has turned into a full time job and I LOVE IT! I am blessed to be able to use my hobbies, like sewing and leather working, to make a little piece of beauty that goes out into the world to brighten up others peoples lives.